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Also called hypotension, low blood pressure is not a problem if you're healthy and show no signs or symptoms of the condition. However, abnormally low blood. If your low blood pressure changes to a lower rate due to a heart problem, you may feel your heartbeat, or palpitations. You may have a fever, chills or feel. What are the signs and symptoms of Pediatric Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)? · Blurred vision · Confusion · Dizziness (vertigo) · Fainting · Feeling weak · Nausea.

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Symptoms · lightheadedness or dizziness · feeling sick · blurred vision · generally feeling weak · confusion · fainting. What are the symptoms of low blood pressure? · Feeling dizzy, light headed or fainting · Blurred vision · A rapid or irregular heartbeat · Feeling nauseous. Hypertension complications: stroke, heart attack, kidney damage. You can manage your blood pressure to lower your risk for serious health problems that may.

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The symptoms of low blood pressure include lightheadedness, dizziness, and fainting. These symptoms are most prominent when individuals go from the lying or. Resistant hypertension may have no symptoms at all for months or years, but then can cause heart attack, stroke, and vision and kidney damage. Readings below /80 may be normal depending upon the clinical situation. Many people have systolic blood pressures below , but some people develop symptoms.