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If you have a great anti-reflective or mirror coating, you can shake briskly, and most moisture will slide off easily. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to. Microfiber cloth is the newest and most advantageous material for eyeglass cleaning cloth. It can be used to wipe your glasses alone, in combination with a. Soft and smooth microfiber lens cleaning cloths from Uvoider provide you with a safe and effective way to clean your camera lens, optical filters, glasses.

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Microfiber Wholesale's Buff™ Quick Cloths are durable ultrafine microfiber cleaning cloths specifically designed for cleaning and polishing eyeglasses, lenses. Using the wrong material (napkin, paper towel, facecloth, your sweatshirt, etc.) will damage your lenses over time, creating tiny scratches which will make it. Eye Maintenance Kit, #ACC · Fog Free Lens Coating 2 oz. · Geek L Eyeglasses · Green Cleaning Cloth with Black RX Safety Logo · Leader Pre-Moistened Lens.

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1. SecurOMax Black Microfiber Cloth for Eyeglasses. To get started, I feel the need to introduce this extra-large microfiber eyeglass. Dry them with a clean, lint-free towel, such as a microfiber cloth you'd use for fine glass or china. Do not use a paper towel or dish or bath towel. They'll. Use an eyeglass cleaning cloth to clean the lenses of your regular glasses, reading glasses, or sunglasses. Use our spray eyeglass cleaner or our eyeglass.